Politics. History. Baseball. Midwestern culture. Rock and roll.

I have a lot of varied interests. These interests cover some very broad topics, like the ones above. I like to dig deep. I like to go off on tangents.

I subscribe to multiple Substack newsletters myself. I find the way people write on Substack to be very freeing. It fits the way I want to write. And I hope it fits with what you want to read.

So what does META-SPIEL mean? Well, SPIEL means SPIEL. It just means I’m going to go off spieling about something. META, ahh, that can mean a lot of different things. It can mean self-referential, it can mean “beyond”. It comes from Greek, you know. Seriously, do you want me to get meta about META?

Anyway. META-SPIEL is me going off somewhere. You are cordially invited to come on along.

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I get meta, and I spiel.


Advocating for the combination of radishes and rippled chips since... a long time ago.