In my pencil cup I have:

• Lots of Sharpies: Why I have so many thick Sharpies in my pencil cup, I don't know. Yet I have only one thin Sharpie.

• Uni-ball micro pens: I like the way the ink writes

• Blackwing pencils: I use Blackwing to do my baseball scorecards

• Kuru Toga mechanical pencils: these are interesting, because the graphite rotates while you write, so you don't end up with that typical "chisel" that mechanical pencils get.

Oh, here's a photo of my pens/pencils lined up: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spudart/51884492974

To the metaphor of carrying these around in my brain. With the repeated Sharpies and Uni-ball micros... maybe that means there's a lot of repeated thoughts in my head.

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Loved reading this. Ah, our pencils.

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